Less spam with outlook mail

Everyone who is using a computer will be having an email account in his or her name. There are many people using the internet as a communication tool finding it very difficult with the amount of spam and junk mails that hot their email accounts every day. You would not know whether the mail that you have received is a junk or a spam mail and you would be spending your valuable time going through these junk mails as well.  Hence, before opening an email account it would always be better for you to do a study on the system to see if has features that will fight the junk emails and spam mails. One of the trusted email software that you can use to create an email account and to work on your emails is the Outlook account offered by Microsoft as this account has email safely features that will get rid of all junk mails hitting your inbox.

less spam on outlook

Usable Email Service

The main goal of Outlook email service from Microsoft is to offer you a usable and a comprehensive email service that you have ever experienced. You will never need to worry about junk emails hitting your mailbox once you start using Outlook mail service. Microsoft offers its customers the most innovative and latest anti-phishing and anti spamming tools in Read More…

Outlook vs Hotmail

One of the new free web mail service offered online that comes out with a clean, intuitive, easy to use interface is the all new Outlook mail. It has got the best of the best mailbox organization tools hat will help you to do a lot of things with just the click of your mouse button. Chatting with friends, sending photos and videos through mails, accessing your Facebook or Twitter account, social updates and everything that you want to  do online can be done easily with  the Outlook mail an you need not switch windows and log into different accounts to do all that you want.

hotmail vs outlook

Existing Hotmail User

You can create a new email account on Outlook.com free web mail service offered by Microsoft or you can also use your hotmail account to log into the new Outlook mail. You will automatically be upgraded to the Outlook account if you are an existing and live Hotmail account holder and henceforth, you will have the chance to access some of the best features that you can enjoy in an email service. You will be getting the new interface to work with and you can keep your existing Hotmail account to access the new improved interface. There are many benefits that existing Hotmail users will enjoy when they use the new Outlook interface.

New Attractive Inbox

The new inbox of Outlook mail is simple, clearer and easier to use and you will get to do a lot of things from the inbox than what you have experienced when using Hotmail inbox. You have the option to customize our own background color and theme. The best part here is that you will not come across any displayed ads when you read the messages in Read More…

Outlook on Android, iPhone and Windows Phone

Smartphones have changed the way we communicate these days. It has brought the world much closer than before and it offers you greater freedom to be in touch with your loved ones, friends and business colleagues through emails, chats and so on. You do not need to be in your office or your home anymore to send or receive business emails and schedules. You can get everything accessed on your Smartphones by just touching your phone screen.

outlook in android

Outlook Account On Phones

One of the best known email software that you use on your computer is the Outlook email. You will be amazed to know that you can use this software even on your Smartphone to access your mails and to send and receive the emails like you do on your desktop or laptop. So, you do not need to be next your computer anymore to send important mails to your business clients. You will be able to access your outlook account no matter you are using an Android phone or a Windows phone or an iPhone.

Accessing Outlook Email Account On Android

There are two ways by which you will be able to use your Android Smartphone to open your Outlook email account on your mobile phone. One of the options that you can use is to point your Android browser to the outlook.com website. Once you log on to the website, it will automatically detect your browser and immediately load the mobile version of Read More…

Calendar on Outlook

One of the most widely used software to send and receive email messages on the computer is the Microsoft Outlook. In fact, Outlook is the most used mail clients these days and you will get all the emails that you receive at the click of a button. It is a very handy tool that you need to install in your computer so that you can have easy access to your emails and to read it. If you have Outlook installed in your computer, then it will automatically get the email that you receive from an exchange server that is within the network or even from any other mail provider like G-mail, Yahoo mail and so on.

calendar on outlook

Outlook Calendar- A Productivity Tool

If you are using Microsoft Outlook just for sending and receiving emails, then you are missing on one of the important features of the software. It is a great productivity tool that you need to use in order to make scheduling easier and this tool is the Outlook calendar. You have the option to add public holidays to your calendar automatically. All you need to do is to go to the Tools menu and then click on the Options tab. Here, you will come across the ‘Calendar options’ tab which you need to click to Read More…